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Milk and dairy update for AGEMOD model

Source of funding


Scientific leader

Sandija Zeverte-Rivza




2047 EUR

Project description

The AGMEMOD Partnership model is an econometric, dynamic, multi-product partial equilibrium model that allows us to make projections and simulations in order to evaluate measures, programmes and policies in agriculture at the European Union (EU) level as well as at the Member States level.

The diverse nature of agricultural production systems and agri-food markets across the EU poses a challenge to economists seeking to develop a model that can be used to analyse policy at an EU and Member State level. The AG-MEMOD Partnership model maintains the analytical consistency of the composite model across national sub-models, while still allowing the national sub-models to reflect the intrinsic diversity of the agri-food sectors in different EU member states.   

Submitted on: Wed, 12/04/2019 - 09:53