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Evaluation of land use optimization opportunities in Latvia in the context of climate policy LVM

Source of funding

Latvia’s State Forests

Scientific leader

Aleksejs Nipers




149 830 EUR

Project description

This research provides methodological framework (detailed description is in the interim reports), which helps simultaneously evaluate land use impact on different land use related objectives. There is also methodological framework, which helps to make cross-comparison of agriculture and forestry sectors.

Spatial micro level data from the different information sources is aggregated, systemised and combined in this research. As a result of that the most detailed land use database on agricultural land and forestland is created, having 9,8 millions agricultural land polygons and 2,8 millions forest land polygons, covering all agricultural and forest land in Latvia.

To evaluate performance of the different land use patterns, land use model for is elaborated. The model makes possible to evaluate and to project land use related socioeconomic impact, impact on bird habitat quality, as well as impact on GHG emissions and CO2 sequestration in agricultural and LULUCF sectors.

This research provides in-depth analysis of the current land use, evaluates demand and supply of productive land and also elaborates indicator system for different land use functions. Different land use scenarios are analysed. Based on research results, conceptual proposals for more efficient and rational agricultural land and forestland use are provided.

Submitted on: Wed, 12/04/2019 - 09:55