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Development of electronic farm management system

Source of funding


Scientific leader

Anita Auziņa




39 017 EUR

Project description

Within the scope of the project it is planned to create a universal, free of charge electronic system, tailored to Latvian conditions, where farmers (and other people that are related to agriculture) could perform regular data analysis, business planning (incl. an effective use of resources) and make decisions. It is expected that farmers will be able to save time spent on managing farm documents by using this system (incl., preparing reports for various institutions), which will free up time for tasks that require direct human participation.

Objective of the project is to create a universal farm management system that is available online. The system is available to farm managers, who after entering farm data, could measure economic performance, plan production process, model development scenarios, follow financial forecasts, and make development-oriented decisions. Additionally, system is going to provide document exchange possibilities with other institutions.

Project partners

  • Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technology
  • Latvian Farmer’s Association
  • Latvian Agricultural Cooperative Association
  • Cooperative society of agricultural services LATRAPS
  • Association of Breef Cattle Breeders
  • Association of Latvian Organic Agriculture
  • Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics
  • Jelgava’s municipality farmers farm "Gaidas"
  • Limited liability company "Lekste’s black currants"
  • Limited liability company "Milkosa"
  • Tukums municipality farmers farm "Lejas Riepji"
  • Farmers farm "Priežukalns"
  • Farmers farm "Imantas"
  • Farmers farm "Krūkļi"
Submitted on: Tue, 12/03/2019 - 16:24