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Developing new economically beneficial fast-cooking fishmeal products with high nutrition technology and their recipes

Source of funding


Scientific leader

Arnis Mugurēvičs, Sandra Muižniece-Brasava




400 000 EUR

Project description

The aim of the project is to develop its technological process and formula for an innovative, more economically beneficial convenience food product with high nutritional value that can be used in daily consumption. The main challenges that will be addressed in this project in the development of a new, more cost-effective, high-nutrition fishmeal product of high-speed fishmeal include the development of cost-optimizing mass-market production processes as well as solutions to extend product life. In addition, the development of the innovative product will allow to add value to the fish lost in Latvia, which is currently predominantly expended as raw material.

Project partners

  • Biedrība "Progresīvo tehnoloģiju institūts"
Submitted on: Wed, 12/04/2019 - 10:13