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Comparative analysis of competitiveness indicators of Latvian food industry (FOODCOM)

Source of funding


Scientific leader

Irina Pilvere





149 871 LVL

Project description

This research is conducted to evaluate competitiveness of the all Latvian food industry sub-sectors and to provide specific recommendations how to improve competitiveness. This research includes all food industry sub-sectors: milk products, meat products, processed fruits and vegetables, grain products, confectionery, sugar products and beverages. Research is covering Latvia and the main trading partners – Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Russia. Competitiveness evaluation methodology is provided. And in-depth analysis for all 5 countries is conducted on production factors, taxations and support policies, innovations, number and size of the market players, efficiency, logistics, retailers, brands and consumer preferences.

Submitted on: Wed, 12/04/2019 - 10:36