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Climate Care Cattle Farming Systems (CCCfarming)

Source of funding

Horizon 2020

Scientific leader

Diana Ruska

Project webpage

Project leader

Wageningen University and Research (Netherlands)




210 000 EUR

Project description

Project objective is to develop climate smart cattle farming systems which reduce GHG and ammonia emissions while maintaining sustainable social-economic farm businesses. Emmission reductions will be achieved by the use of innovative housing and manure handling systems (such as use of composted bedding material and separation of faeces and urine), artificial floor constructions, manure cleaning robots, novel cropping systems, precision crop management, virtual fencing and ICT data collection techniques like using tools and drones. Promising feeding, breeding and grassland mitigation practices will be examined and selected, contributing to the integrated systems approach.

Researcher– adviser – farmer interaction will demonstrate improved performance. Expert groups in each country will evaluate the outcomes and choose practices and techniques that are suitable for evaluation in experimental set-ups.

Project partners

  • Wageningen University and Research (Netherlands)
  • University Firenze (Italy)
  • Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies (Latvia)
  • Justus Liebig University Giessen (Germany)
  • Polish National Research Institute of Animal Production (Poland)
  • Lithuanian Institute of Animal Science (Lithuania)
  • Scottish Rural University College (United Kingdom)
  • French Livestock Institute de L’Elevage (France)
  • INRA UMR PEGASE (France)
  • UMR 1069 Sol Agro & Hydro Systèmes (France)
  • UMR Ecosystème Prairial (France)

Associate partners

  • University of Kentucky (USA)
  • Federal University of Lavras (Brasil)
  • ARO Volcani Center (Israel)
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