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Challenges and solutions of the Latvian state society in an international context

Source of funding

Administration of Studies and Research of the Republic of Latvia

Project leader

Andra Zvirbule




195 000 EUR

Project description

Project objectives:

  • Assess the relevance of the economic and societal model in the context of global and European processes.
  • To formulate the characteristics of the desired economic and public model, which deals with Latvia's internal and external security, guaranteeing the sustainability of its existence.
  • Compare the common and different characteristics of a functioning and desirable economic and societal model, which would demonstrate the desired directions of value and behaviour and radicalisation and their balance.
  • To provide guidelines for further sustainable development of Latvia in the perspective, highlighting the main patterns of action in global changing processes, the impact of which cannot be avoided by the country. (Development of hierarhy anaysis scenarios that open up the possibilities for developing action models.)

Project partners

  • Latvian Academy of Sciences;
  • Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies;
  • Riga Stradiņš University;
  • Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics;
  • University of Latvia.
Submitted on: Tue, 01/28/2020 - 16:45